Do Ho Suh, Bridging Home London, 2018. Install view SITC 9th Ed., 2019. Courtesy Lehmann Maupin & Victoria Miro. Photo Nick Turpin.

Nancy Rubins, Crocodylius Philodendrus, 2016–2017. © and Courtesy The Artist. Install view SITC 9th Ed., 2019–2021. Photo Nick Turpin.

Catherine Yass, NHS Swimmers (Study 1), 2023. Tanner Lane Permanent Public Art Commission, Paddington Square London. Image © The Artist.

Anthony Gormley, Parallel Field, 1990. © and Courtesy The Artist and White Cube. Install view SITC 3rd Ed., 2013–2014. Photo Robb McRae.

Aldgate in Winter 2022. Courtesy Local Community. Photo Aldgate BID.

Lacuna is a leading cultural studio realising contemporary art and events in urban spaces and local communities.

We define public spaces which offer unique cultural encounters and build new communities.

We collaborate with urban leaders and collectives, decision makers and creative visionaries that need to engage people and places.

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What impressed me about Lacuna was the very good understanding of our architectural and public space intent. The public art project [at Paddington Square] is not competing with ours; it is beautifully completing it.
Jean Pattinson, Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Lacuna is tenacious, dedicated, proud.
Tim Lucas, Price & Myers
Lacuna challenged and encouraged me to believe in my ideas. They gave me the opportunity to make a work that pushed me to make something I could not have previously envisaged, both in concept and scale.
Catherine Yass, Artist
Lacuna offers a bespoke approach and provides drive, leadership and delivery in relation to its projects and activities. Lacuna’s practical experience is a competitive advantage.
Simon Glynn, City of London Corporation 
Lacuna offers a turn-key service start to finish. Lacuna is successful because it is well organised and has a great front person with lots of charisma and persuasiveness. No one can resist.
Dave Williams, MTEC
I was honoured to be selected for Sculpture in the City‘s inaugural Aldgate Square Commission. To develop my first ever public sculpture, to be installed on the busy streets of London, was daunting and incredibly exciting. Stella and the team at Lacuna guided me through each step. Their experience and expertise was literally invaluable.
Jocelyn McGregor, recipient of inaugural Aldgate Square Commission in City of London
Lacuna is joyous and optimistic; clear-thinking with a strong sense of drive.
Marco Savini, Como Holdings

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