Ben Long


Ben Long's primary artistic motive is to develop new modes of distribution that enable him to maximise the social impact of his work. Conceiving projects so that they may exist independently of the gallery and museum system, he equally attempts to provide a more complex reading of the urban experience than is traditionally purveyed by state and corporate-funded public art. These concerns and characteristics are most evident in projects such as The Great Travelling Art Exhibition (2001 - present), a series of drawings made in the dirt on rear shutters of haulage trucks, and Scaffolding Sculptures (2003 - present), monuments constructed entirely from the ubiquitous building material. Fusing British working-class culture with art historic iconography, Long stimulates ideas about value and permanence, disrupting the mundanity of daily existence and promoting the creative act as an integral and dynamic part of modern life.

Represente by Lucy Drury.

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