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Convene is a leading hospitality company founded off the simple question: “What if you ran an office building like a hotel?” From there, Convene makes it the mission to elevate the way people meet, work and live by reimagining what “a workday” means for today’s most innovative organizations. Through a network of beautifully designed and tech-enabled meeting, event, and workplace locations, Convene offers a full-service, premium single solution that transforms workdays into memorable experiences.

Convene at 22 Bishopsgate is designed with a premium meeting experience in mind – including built-in technology, on-site AV teams, comfortable seating, and high-quality hospitality services. As an event planning partner, Convene works with tenants to create memorable experiences via events, perks and programming. Convene is Lacuna's home since 2023 and was host to the launch of Sculpture in the City 12th Edition.

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