Kathrin Böhm


Kathrin Böhm is an international artist based in London. Her practice focuses on the collective re-production of public space, economy as public realm, and the everyday as a starting point for culture. Since the 1990s Böhm has radically expanded the term ‘socially engaged artistic practice’ to include projects, in which she produces complex organisational, spatial, visual and economic systems. Many of these artworks stem from long-standing partnerships, take place in an ongoing capacity and engage art institutions, the commercial sector and the general public in dialogue.

In 2020 Böhm stopped all new artistic endeavours and in partnership with The Showroom, ran an exhibition and public programme called Compost (2021), which made fertiliser to produce long-term infrastructures to compost all materials she has so far produced as an artist. She most recently worked with ruangrupa’s ruruHaus in Kassel, Germany for Documenta 15 (2022).

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