Nocturnal Creatures 2018

Saturday 21 July 2018

6 to 9pm

For the first time, Sculpture in the City was an associate programme partner for the Whitechapel Gallery's free annual contemporary arts festival, Nocturnal Creatures, bringing together the East End arts community with immersive performances, videos, sculptures and sound works.

For one night only, special guests and select artists from Sculpture in the City 8th Edition, comprising 20 sculptures in locations across the City of London, brought alive the surrounding area with an evening of fun and culture. Activities included dance and live art performances, workshops, participatory activities and sound installations, including new Musicity x Sculpture in the City soundscape commissions. Guided tours accompanied the evening event.

Bambooman: Silent Disco

Event Title and Type: Silent Disco
Location: Aldgate Tower, London E1 8EP
8.30 to 10pm

Kirk Barley, also known as Bambooman and considered one of the most distinctive voices in UK electronic music, presented a programme of textual sounds formed from digital synthesis, studio and field recordings. Inspired by minimalist music, techno and hiphop, he experiments with unusual time signatures and algorithmic compositions to create a unique and compelling sound world.

This event was a Musicity x Sculpture in the City 2018 Live Performance.

Juliana Cerqueria Leite

Artwork: Climb, 2012
Event Title and Type: Performance
Location: Mire Square, London EC3A 5DG
8pm & 9.30pm

This artist-performance included live music, a reading in relation to the artwork on show and a discussion about the themes of digging, ambition and holes from a female perspective.

Angèle David-Guillou

Event Title and Type: Silent Disco
Location: 99 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3XD
7.30 to 9pm

The London-based French composer presented his audacious music, which explores the interaction between rhythm and melody, structure and emotion, permanence and change. Writing for piano, string and saxophopone ensembles, voices and the pipe organ, Favid-Guillou is most interested in how melodies create rythm and structure. Revelers enjoyed the silent disco in one of the City's noisiest spots.

This event was commissioned for Nocturnal Creatures 2018.

Midori Komachi

Event Title and Type: Musicity Live
Location: Undershaft, London EC3A 6HX
7 to 8.30pm

Midori Komachi is a violinist, writer and composer. She has performed solo in Europe and Japan, featured on radio and TV, and collaborates regulsrly with multi-disciplinary artists. In 2017 she co-wrote the music for Maggie Centre's Life exhibition. Her 2018 original compositions were released by the Nonclassical label.

This event was a Musicity x Sculpture in the City 2018 Live Performance.

Jyll Bradley

Artwork: Opening the Air, 2018
Event Title and Type: Artist Tour
Location: St Helen's Square, London EC3V 4AB

For over 30 years, the City has been the artist's muse and subject matter in terms of light and colour. On this walk she took visitors from day to night through gradations of blue.

Thomas J. Price

Artwork: Numen (Shifting Votive Two and Three), 2016
Event Title and Type: Artist Talk
Location: Leadenhall Building, London EC3V 4AB

Thomas J. Price in conversation with Tabish Khan

Price's artworks function as psychological portraits of his imagined subjects. Their features are an amalgamation of sources: observed individuals, 'types' represented by media, as well as ancient, classical and neo-classical sculptures.

SuperCool-Guy feat.Fay Cannings

Event Title and Type: Inside Out – Musicity Live
Location: Principal Place, London EC2A 2BA
8pm & 9.30pm

Fay Cannings has featured on lead vocals on a variety of tracks with pop and 1980s sound styles. SuperCool-Guy is a mysterious songwriter-producer. This was a concert of the duo's secons collaboration, Inside Out (available on Soundcloud).

This event was commissioned for Nocturnal Creatures 2018.

Guided Tours

Shaun C. Badham

Exhibiting artist

Artwork: I'M STAYING, 2014
Event Title: Rule by The People
Location: Leadenhall Market, London EC3V 1LT

The artist offered each participant a digital print of a mind map he created to investigate the links and connections betweek thw artwokrs shown as part of Sculpture in the City 8th Edition. As conversations took place, each participant was encouraged to add their own ideas and notes to the mind map.

David Rosenberg

Architect and Gallerist, Velorose
Event Title: When Art Meets Architecture
Departure point: Leadenhall Market, London EC3V 1LT

The tour explored the dialogue between the artworks showing on behalf of Sculpture in the City 8th Edition and the surrounding buildings and urban context.

Amanda Lwin

Exhibiting Artist

Artwork: A Worldwide Wed of Somewheres, 2018
Event Title: Superstructure
Location: Leadenhall Market, London EC3V 1LT

The artist-led tour explored systems that support everyday life in the City of London, unearthing traces of mostly-unseen infrastructure, seeking out defunct systems that persist and trying to pin down nonmaterial networks, all of which invisible define our lives.

Stella Ioannou

Artistic Director, Sculpture in the City
Event Title: Outside the Gallery Walls
Departure point: Leadenhall Market, London EC3V 1LT

This was a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about the curatorial vision of the exhibition and hear some behind the scene stories from the exhibition's Artistic Director.



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